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Notice of Tap Fee Increase

Notice of Tap Fee Increase

On  June 23rd, 2022 the CCSUD Board decided that the rate for a new water tap had not been increased since 2004. After reflecting on the current day prices, it has been approved to increase the rate from $2150.00 to $2365.00. This will take effect October 1, 2022.

  • Connection Fee. In addition to a deposit and any other applicable fees, the             district shall charge a connection fee to establish service as follows:
    • Standard Residential and Commercial Service. The connection fee for standard residential and commercial service shall include all labor, materials for construction, installation, or inspection of a tap or connection to the district's water system, including a meter.  The connection fee shall be charged on a per connection basis in the following amounts:

Meter Size                   Connection Fee

5/8" x 3/4"                   $2,365.00

1" or larger                  $2,365.00 plus the additional cost of meter and parts

  • High Density Developments and Subdivision Projects. The district shall charge a connection fee for non-standard service to land being developed or subdivided, which at the time of platting was not being provided with water service by the district, in the following amounts:
    • $2,365.00 for each service connection; or
    • $1,815.00 for each service connection provided the applicant or developer shall install or has installed a vault, meter tap and customer service line for each service connection prior to completion of construction of all water distribution facilities on the land.
  • Extraordinary Expenses. In addition to the connection fee, the district may charge the applicant for extraordinary costs related to providing service, including costs of road bores, street crossings, line extensions and system improvements, and pipeline relocations under Section 5.03(f) above.