New Service Request


Welcome to the Combined Consumers Special Utility District Community. To establish new service with the District, contact our Customer Service at 903-356-3321 or stop by our office located at 10446 FM 751, Quinlan, TX 75474. The following information is needed prior to activation of service where a meter already exists. We look forward to serving your water needs.

Please NOTE!  The New Service Application has 3 different documents that require signature. Please sign the  Confidentiality Form along with the Water Rates Form.

We will need a copy of your Drivers license and  either a rental/ lease agreement if renting, or a copy of  your deed if you are purchasing. The VFD Donation is optional. Thank you.

Please click the buttons below to fill the forms out online. 

New Service Application

Confidentiality Form

Water Rates

VFD Donation

  • Copy of drivers license
  • Applicable Fees

CCSUD requires a $250 deposit and an $100 activation fee before establishing service IF there is already a meter in the ground.

An applicant requesting service at a location with no existing service will need to come to the office and meet with Customer Service to establish service. The following additional information may be required:

  • A copy of the warranty deed or deed of trust
  • Execute right of way easement

Relevant Documents